API 5L X46 Pipe

The API 5L X46 is a high yield carbon steel pipe intended for the transportation of oil, gas and water under high pressure and temperature levels. These pipes have a minimum tensile strength of 46000PSI and a minimum yield strength of 63000PSI. There are two different product specifications in this grade. The API 5L X46 PSL2 is the less commonly used and has more mechanical advantageous than the API 5L X46 PSL1. However, both could be used interchangeably under certain common requirements of the application. These pipes come in different lengths. They can be 5-7m, 9-13m, single random or double random lengths. API 5L Grade X46 pipe is hot rolled and it is seamless. The nominal bore sizes range from 3/8 inches to 30 inches. The wall thickness is up to 250mm with schedules ranging from 20 to XXS and heavier. There are different finishes to the pipes such as color painting 3LPE coating and epoxy coating with plain ends, coupling and beveled ends. The API 5L X46 Grade B is tested for hydrogen embrittlement and is sold as HIC Tested X46 with certification such as the ISO 3183 L320 Grade X46. The applications are mainly in the petroleum, natural gas and water linings.

API 5L Grade X46 Pipe Materials Selection and Specification


Seamless/ SAW/ ERW / LSAW / DSAW

2" to 24" O.D.


Wall Thickness

Schedule 10 to 160, STD, XS, XXS


Pipe End

Plain, Bevelled

Standard and Dimensions
Trade Name API SPEC 5L ISO 3183 PSL1 / PSL2 X46, ASTM A106/ A53/ A333 Grade 6/ API 5L GR.B X46
Manufacturing Standard GB/T14976, GB/T14975, EN10296, ANSI/API ASTM A106/A106M, GB/T9711 ASTM, ASTM A139, API 5CT, ASTM A333/A333M, GB13296-91, ASTM A53/A53M, GB9948, GB/T3091, 5L, ASME B36.10, ISO3183
Level of Product Specification
  • Grade A25 X46 PSL1
  • Grade B X46 PSL2
Pipe End Beveling
  • X46 PSL1 : Plain, threaded, special coupling pipe, bevelled
  • X46 PSL2 : Plain-end
PSL1 Grade
  • Grade A
  • Grade B
Piping Process SAWH, LW, SAWL, HFW, SMLS, LFW
Length 6-12 meters
Test method IBR, CVN impact, TM0284, H2 SERVICE, TM0177, NACE MR0175, DWT, Hardness, HIC, SSC
Steel material
Material Origins Indian, Russian, Korean, US, European, Ukraine, Japanese
Mill Test Certificate (MTC) EN 10204/3.1B

Various types of API 5L X46 PSL1/2

API 5l Gr X46 PSL2 Pipeline

API 5l Gr X46 PSL2 Pipeline

Welded Steel Pipe, Fluid Pipe, Dsaw Pipe, Bend Pipe.

API 5l X46 PSL2 Pipe

API 5l X46 PSL2 Pipe

Steel Piles, Helical Steel Pipe, Seamless Line Pipe, Piling, Welded Steel Line Pipe

API 5l Grade X46 Pipe

API 5l Grade X46 Pipe

High Yield, Sawh, Steel Pipeline

X46M PSL2 means

Grade Letter Delivery Condition
X46M "M" letter means Thermomechanical rolled or thermomechanical formed

For what "Q" stands in X46Q PSL2 pipe?

Grade Letter Delivery Condition
X46Q "Q" letter means Quenched and tempered

Why "N" is marked on X46N PSL2 Pipe?

Grade Letter Delivery Condition
X46N "N" letter means normalized or normalized and tempered, Normalizing rolled, normalizing formed

USC Units of X46 Line Pipe

ISO 3183 L320 pipe / L320Q / L320N / L320M

PSL2 X46 PSL 1 & PSL2 both are Repairable?

PSL1 is Repairable Permitted by agreement but PSL2 is Prohibited.

API 5L X46 Line Pipe Surface Finishing Treatments

API 5L X46 Line Pipe Coating Types

X46 Pipeline Equivalents

X46 Grade PSL1 L320 or x46
X46 Grade PSL2 L320Q / X46Q
L320N / X46N
L320M / X46M

X46 Chemical Compatibility Chart


C (Maximum)

Mn (Maximum)

P (Maximum)

S (Maximum)

C (Maximum)

Mn (Maximum)

P (Maximum)

S (Maximum)









Grade B X46 Mechanical Properties Chart

X46 PSL 2 Pipe Body of SMLS and Welded Pipes Tensile Strength Seam for Welded Pipe
Yield Stress a Tensile Stress a Ratio a,c Elongation Tensile Stress d
Rt0,5  PSI Minimum Rm  PSI Minimum R10,5IRm (in 2in) Rm (psi)
Af %
Min. Max. Min. Max. Max. Min. Min.
46,400 76,100 63,100 95,000 0.93 f 63,100

API 5L X46 Maximum Temperature Limit

Hot-coated Grade with epoxy powder Temperature
X46 200°C

Grade X46 Pressure Maximum Rating

435 Mpa 46000  Psi

Applications of API 5L X46 Pipe

  • Oil and Gas Transmissions
  • Refinery Piping
  • Fuel Handling and Storage Tanks
  • Marine Piping on Vessels
Application of API 5L X46 Pipe
  • R, N, Q, S, M letters describes Delivery condition for API Line Pipe, The maning of letters are R: As-rolled, N: normalized, Q: Quenched and tempered, M: thermomechanical formed, S: Sour Services

Natural gas is transported at a speed of 24 miles per hour by Pipelines