API 5L X70 Pipe

API 5L X70 pipes come in different product specification levels. PSL1 and PSL2 are used in different applications. The PSL1 is the most commonly used while PSL2 has special characters. Both types could be produced in seamless and welded conditions. The seamless pipes have maximum carbon at 0.18% where the welded pipes have 0.12%. Both types have manganese at 0.45%, phosphorous at 0.025% and 0.015% sulfur maximum. The API 5L X70 PSL2 and the API 5L X70 PSL1 specifications both has a minimum yield strength 485MPa and minimum tensile strength of 570MPa. The API 5L Grade X70 pipe ranges from 3/8 inches to 30 inches in diameter with plain, beveled and threaded ends. There is no minimum welder frequency required for this pipe. The API 5L X70 Grade B can be purchased as rolled, normalizing rolled or thermodynamically rolled. There are different coatings such as color painting, 3LPE coating or epoxy coating. There are different testing methods such as the HIC Tested X70 which has to pass the hydrogen embrittlement test. The other certifications like the ISO 3183 L485 Grade X70 are available to specify certain standards. Both the seamless and welded pipes are used in fluid transfer applications, typically in petrochemical, natural gas and power generation applications.

API 5L X70 PSL2 Pipe Material Specification


Seamless/ SAW/ ERW / LSAW / DSAW

2" to 24" O.D.


Wall Thickness

Schedule 10 to 160, STD, XS, XXS


Pipe End

Plain, Bevelled

Standard and Dimensions
Trade Name API SPEC 5L ISO 3183 PSL1 / PSL2 X70, ASTM A106/ A53/ A333 Grade 6/ API 5L GR.B X70
Line Pipe Standards GB9948, GB/T14976, GB/T9711 5L, ISO3183, ASTM A53/A53M, GB/T14975, ANSI/API ASTM, EN10296, ASME B36.10, ASTM A139, ASTM A106/A106M, GB/T3091, ASTM A333/A333M, GB13296-91, API 5CT
PSL Levels
  • Grade A25 X70 PSL1
  • Grade B X70 PSL2
Pipe Ends
  • X70 PSL1 : Plain, threaded, special coupling pipe, bevelled
  • X70 PSL2 : Plain-end
PSL1 Grade
  • Grade A
  • Grade B
Manufactured Process SAWH, SAWL, HFW, LW, SMLS, LFW
Length 6-12 meters
Tests are normally carried out CVN impact, TM0177, H2 SERVICE, Hardness, SSC, DWT, TM0284, IBR, NACE MR0175, HIC
Equivalent Material Grade
Material Origins Indian, Ukraine, US, Russian, Korean, Japanese, European
Mill Test Certificate (MTC) EN 10204/3.1B

Most Common types of API 5L X70 PSL1/2 Pipe

API 5l X70 Seamless Pipes

API 5l X70 Seamless Pipes

Welded Steel Line Pipe Dsaw / High Yield Sour Service Pipeline

X70 Line Pipe

X70 Line Pipe

Hsaw Pipe, Steel Piles, Seamless Line Pipe

X70 Line Pipe / Casing

X70 Line Pipe / Casing

Welded Steel Pipes, Sawh / Saw / Helical Steel Pipes

What "M" indicate in X70M PSL2?

Grade Letter Delivery Condition
X70M "M" letter means Thermomechanical rolled or thermomechanical formed

"Q" is applicable for which condition in X70Q PSL2 Pipes?

Grade Letter Delivery Condition
X70Q "Q" letter means Quenched and tempered

For which delivery condition manufacturers mark "N" on X70N PSL2 Line Pipe?

Grade Letter Delivery Condition
X70N "N" letter means normalized or normalized and tempered, Normalizing rolled, normalizing formed

What is X70 Pipeline USC Unit?

ISO 3183 L485 / L485Q / L485N/ L485M

Is PSL 1 or PSL2 which can be repair by welding?

X70 PSL2 not suitable to repair by welding but defects of PSL1 Pipe can be repair as per agreement.

Grade X70 Sour Service Line Pipes Coating Standards

Grade X70 Sour Service Line Pipes Coating Types

X70 Carbon Steel Pipe Equivalent Material Grade

X70 PSL1 L485
X70 PSL2 L485Q / X70Q
L485M / X70M

Grade X70 Pipelines Chemical and Physical Properties

Gr. X70 PSL 1
API C max Mn max P S max V max Nb max Ti max
min max
B 0.28 1.2 0.03 0.03 c.d c,d d
X70 0.28 1.4 0.03 0.03 f f f

Grade X70Q PSL 2
API C Si Mn P S V Nb Ti Other
X70Q 0.18 0.45 1.8 0.025 0.015 g g g h,l

X70 Mechanical Properties Table

Gr. Mpa Yield Stress Mpa Tensile Stress Raito Elongation
min max min max max min
BN 245 450 415 655 0.93 f
X70Q 485 635 570 760 0.93 f

Grade B X70 High Yield Pipe Temperature Limit

Hot-coated Grade with epoxy powder Temperature

X70 PSL2 Fluid Pipe Maximum Allowable Pressure Rating

635 Mpa 92100 Psi

Applications and Uses of API 5L X70 Pipe

  • Natural gas flow
  • Gas transmission lines
  • Liquid petroleum
  • Oil spills
API 5L X70 Pipe Application
  • These API 5L Spec Line pipe can be produced as Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Seamless Pipe, Welded such as ERW upto 24 inch, SAW, LSAW upto 48 inch, SSAW / HSAW upto 100 inch and DSAW Pipe.

Block valves are used to control Carbon Steel Pipelines.